Monday, October 31, 2011

Isdaan Resto-Fun Park (in Calauan Laguna) Halloweekend

I’ve been seeing the construction of “Isdaan” for the past year and have always wondered what’s taking it so long. So when my mom dined with her friends there and said she’s going to take the family there, I knew it’s something that I couldn’t miss.

We arrived at nearly six in the evening and were lucky enough to have a parking space as soon as we arrived. We thought we’re not going to be accommodated because it’s the long weekend after all. It’s a good thing that we came early for dinner that we got a table, more like our own floating hut  and was able to roam around the enjoy the place.

Warning: A photo loaded entry. I actually took 325 pictures but chose the ones best for uploading for my readers wanting to check out the place.

Please be informed that if you want to have dinner at Isdaan, make sure you are not super hungry and you’re not in a hurry because it will take time for you to get settled in your floating huts.

And also take note that it is best to find a table/floating hut first before roaming around the place.

I love how Isdaan resto thought about practically everything that they provided life vest for kids the moment we arrived because it can be inevitable that these kids might fall off the floating huts or something.

Isdaan also have amenities for little children and kids

Other Attractions for the night:

Isdaan Halloween Monsters

Isdaan prepared for Halloween that made sure that there are some roaming white lady, chained monsters in mask, ready for guests photo op. I was actually scared of the “dead lady” because she looked really dead, I waited from a short distance for her to open her eyes and take a peak before I asked for her photo. I don’t want to get surprised with her opening eyes because I might fall off board and soak the DSLR I’m using.

Tacsiyapo, means “Nakakainis”– you buy a plate/glass/mugs( with prices like Php 15, 18, 60, 240) and even a working TV set (Php 1,800) so you can throw it against the wall to release your anger).

Caution: Cursing or using Vulgar words are not allowed that’s why you need to shout “Tacsiyapo”.

My friends in Grad School and I have been planning long before that we wanted to go to Tarlac for the “smashing of the plates” but when I found out that Isdaan in Calauan Laguna has it, it’s going to be the venue of our usual get together and sem-starters.

They provided life vest for the guests and there are at least 3 boats around. The boatmen are very nice and if you’re wondering how deep the water is, it’s only 3 feet! But still you wouldn’t want to fall into the water.

Statue of the late president Corazon Aquino, former President Joseph Estrada are available for Photo Ops. We also had our pictures taken with US President Barrack Obama and other amusing photos like the guards and waiters.

Last but definitely not the least, The Singing Cooks and Waiters!

Some interesting info:

  • Isdaan Restaurant and Fun Park is 3 hectares in size located at National Highway in Calauan, Laguna. They have their original branch at Gerona, Tarlac and a new up and coming branch in Talavera, Nueva Ecija. 
  • It officially opened last October 8, 2011 but there are still some other under construction portions like additional huts and temples at the side and back area but you can hardly notice it.
  • It is owned and operated by The Barrio Fiesta Singing Cooks and Watiers atbp., Bento Box, Barrio Grill, World Topps, Kilo-kilo grill atbp., Bakahan at Manukan Chain of popular Filipino restaurants.
  • Since it is operated by several group of restaurant food chain companies, their menu varies and has a little bit of the regular best sellers from each of the mentioned restaurants.
  • Their operating hours are daily from 10am to 11pm and the price ranges from Php18.00 (for Mineral water) and Php 4,950.00 (for whole lechon) Dishes ranges from 100+ to 700+ depending on the food choice and kilo.
  • They accept CASH BASIS PAYMENTS ONLY and are not affiliated with any credit card company so make sure you are armed with cash.
  • Contact Numbers: +63.49.566.0880 to 81 and  +63.922.844.4392 to 93

November is coming up! I hope you had a great Halloweekend! Cheers! <3


Anonymous said...

Bad experience in "Isdaan" Calauan Laguna

My wife and I went there last night... Very frustrating indeed!!! We ordered some food, biro mo after almost 1 hour of waiting hindi pa rin dumadating yung main course namin na grilled liempo. I checked with the waitress (Kath) who took our order at nabigla pa sya at nagulat kasi di pa pala na se serve yung food namin. Kunwari umalis to check pero di na bumalik so I had to discuss the matter with the other waitresses and waiters. They said mukhang di talaga nai-order ng incompetent nilang kasama yung grilled liempo... I insisted to call her, I told them to cancel the order plus the rice they initially served.. This "Kath" even had the guts to say to me na di na pwedeng ipa-cancel yung rice... Bu$3@t! Parang gusto yatang kainin namin yung rice ng walang ulam, hahahaha!!! Abnoy! Dapat siguro pina kanta ko na lang yung waitress na yun (Katherine - sininging waitress nakalagay sa ID nya) para kahit papaano nakabawi kami..

To the management of this "Isdaan" na lugar.. May screening process ba kayo? These type of incompetent people ang magpapasira lalo sa lugar nyo.. You should give her one big time disciplinary action yung tipong magtitino....

To the rest of the world, go there at your own risk... Di advisable sa mga mataas ang presyon at may sakit sa puso.. baka atakihin lang kayo sa inis.... Search the internet, daming negative blogs/comments about this place..

Ara Kristine said...

Aww.. sorry to hear that. When we went there it really does take time to order, especially during weekends and holidays.

Anonymous said...

Naku sorry talaga sa amin at natapat kami sa ganung waitress.. They need to improve bigtime on their quaity of service.. Ok naman sana yung lugar at madami ka makikita, improve lang yung quality ng service at leadtime nila sa preparation ng foods... Hayzzz...

Cath Castillo said...

May entrance ba jan? Or kung alin lang po yun iaavail mo yun lang may bayad?

keamistry said...

No entrance fee. You only pay for your ordered food/drinks. Those that have fees or "tips" are the boat ride, tacsiyapo corner or if you're rendered by the roaming singing groups. 

Myphotoshop said...

May baha ba ngayon sa mga dadaanan kung galing Manila? Light vehicle lang dala namin kasi.

keamistry said...

Walang baha and along the highway lang sya. Have a safe trip! (Apologies for the late reply)

Sweet_sensation0521 said...

ilang hours po ang travel mula quezon city?

keamistry said...

It really depends on the traffic, but on a regular day, it's about 2 hours and a half from the vicinity of Makati City. 

Enelra13 said...

msarap sna mgpunta kya lng nka2 discourage ang mga negatives comment... sna more improvements po sa managements pra ms marami ang mg enjoy sa place nyo... anyway we will try to get there soon... god bless po...

keamistry said...

sna more improvements po sa managements pra ms marami ang mg enjoy sa place nyo... " Uhmm I don't know if Isdaan has a facebook page but like majority of my readers, I'm just a customer as well and this is not a sponsored post. :)

keamistry said...

Walang baha and along the highway lang sya. Have a safe trip! (Apologies for the late reply)

Anonymous said...

Sa mga magkano ngla2ro ung price ng mga foods?

Steph Traveliztera said...

Wow! Pupuntahan ko talaga toh. =)


Jairene said...

Miss Kea, I used the contact info you provided here and placed it in my blog post. Thanks!

vincent said...

galing kami sa isdaan kahapon with my relatives, we enjoyed our lunch
there. totoo palang masarap ang pagkain duon lalo na ung inihaw na
liempo. sarap ng timpla. and their gatang hipon. wow! definitely babalik
kmi, nxt week darating uncle namin from states and im sure magugustuhan
nya ang food sa isdaan. hindi naman pala mahal kc ang serving
maramihan. after eating, syempre picture picture around yun nalobat cam
ko sa dami ng pagkukunan ng pic. see you next week isdaan…i love your

Isdaan said...

This is from the Management of Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun
Park in Calauan, Laguna. This is in response to the “Anonymous” customer comment regarding a certain
employee of ours named “Kath”. We would really like to apologize for the
incident. Even before we read your comment in the different blogs, she was
already dismissed due to her unprofessional attitude. Hindi po namin
ito-tolerate ang ganitong empleyado. Rest assured, it will never happen again.
In fact, because of your comments, we are now turning Isdaan into a Place of
Smiles and Mabuhay Greetings! Please visit soon. Mabuhay!

aiza said...


we need answer ASAP..tnx!

keamistry said...

Take the Bus with the signage STA.CRUZ/Calamba/College located at Taft avenue (DLTB Bus and GreenStar Bus) and Cubao Stations (HM Bus). Ask the driver to drop you off at Isdaan. It's along the highway, you can not miss it.

Kea said...

hello po! ask kulang po kung pano pumunta dyan, mangggaling po kami ng alabang

Kea said...

Take the bus with STA.CRUZ/College at the Bus terminal near HenLin. Direcho na yun, ang baba nyo mismo ay yung ISdaan, since it's along the higway going to Sta.Cruz.

Kea said...

do you accept reservations for a group of 23? may i know if you have a manila line so I can call?

Kea said...

Ilang hours po travel hours from alabang?

Kea said...

Approximately 2 hours depending on traffic. Please be informed that there's traffic when you reach Calamba, then another one in front of Monte Vista (still in Calamba) and another one in the intersection going to UPLB especially on summer weekends and rush hour.

Kea said...

hello! do you have a manila line #??

Kea said...

Anong oras po opening hourse niyo?